For the past 15 years it has been my pleasure to offer full-service catering to the Louisville community. From “dawn” to desserts, we provide both private and corporate catering. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner, desserts, events, and weddings – the possibilities at Divinity are endless. We provide exceptional cuisine and impeccable service to everything from informal gatherings to formal affairs. Learn more about the entire Divinity family below. Call me and we will cook up something wonderful!


Danielle "Danni" Waldridge - Owner & Chef  

I was, as they say born into the business. I started working at age 12 in family restaurants in Wisconsin. I attended college at Murray State University while running the kitchen at a local restaurant. After college, I moved to Louisville and attended Sullivan's culinary program. I was interested in the other side of the restaurant world, so I went to work for a local food distributor as a food buyer for several years. I continued to cook for friends and family and soon the Kitchen was calling me back. So, in 2000 I took the leap and began catering... "Divinity Fine Catering". My focus has always been on fresh food, full of flavor and made from scratch. If we are what we eat, you will love Divinity, because it comes from my heart and soul.

Debbie Handley - Sous Chef

Literally, Divinity is a team of friends who became family. Debbie is my right hand, my culinary sister. For the last 14 years she has been the kitchen manager, otherwise known as the guru, ever calm, no task impossible. She also attends most events, supervising the food, making every entertaining opportunity look effortless, no matter the location. This is convenient since our Director of Service is her husband!



Cheryl Kelty - Head Baker

Cheryl has been the "Dawn" of Divinity for 12 years. She arrives daily at 3:00 am to prepare the delicious freshly baked pastries we deliver to coffee shops 7 days a week. Cheryl is the one person I know who starts every day with a cheerful disposition. How lucky to have all that good energy channeled into our morning fare. She is truly the starting force of our Divinity family.


Charles Handley - Director of Service

Charles has been serving the Louisville community for over 30 years at such fine establishments as Captain's Quarters, Pike Room, Harmony Landings, Woodhaven Country Club (staff manager), and the Hyatt Regency. He has been the father figure of our Divinity family for 14 years. His staff of 30 plus waiters and bartenders provide distinctive hospitality to Divinity's events.



Abby Kamen - Director of Marketing

Abby became a client 10 years ago and the rest has been no stop entertainment history. Her elaborate annual dessert party became a signature event and we became part of her entertaining world. Now she is part of ours, bringing her event planning flair and marketing expertise to our growing business.

- The Entire Divinity Family -


We truly are one big Divinity Family! Many of my employees have been with me for over 10 years! We are thrilled to welcome you into our family and can't wait to see what we cook up for those you love and cherish most, Cheers! - Danni